Our unique (and it is) Brandschool® programme is our tried and tested route to compelling brands, and it's already rewritten the futures of dozens of businesses.

Brandschool® transports clients out of their everyday setting, which allows them to think differently. This is where we spot the little nuggets of insight and are able to collaborate, challenge and push that little bit further. It's through this collaboration that we've helped our clients define the one thing above all else that they can own and be famous for, the first step on the journey to Brand Achievement.

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Whether we use it to create a new brand from scratch, refresh an existing brand or help unravel the mysteries of branding for the uninitiated, Brandschool® strips things right back to basics. Using a blueprint 'lesson plan' that's then customised around the client, we cover everything from intelligent research to effective brand communication.

We can deliver Brandschool® to entire companies as well as just key players: that's because company-wide brand alignment is a bonus in itself. The end results of Brandschool® depends on the mission, but they're always a revelation. Nobody else does it better, because nobody else does it.

Brandschool®, brainchild of 10 Associates.

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"I thought the Brandschool® days were great for stimulating debate and honest questions about branding, with departments from around the business. It not only got everybody on board with strategic brand direction, but resulted in a number of great ideas which are now being put into practice."

Mark Leach, Brand Marketing, Graham & Brown

"In order to identify our business goals, 15 of our RFM team spent a day with 10 working through their Brandschool® programme. Through this process we gave our team a firm grasp on the principles of branding, a vivid new insight into our own brand and a clear direction of thought as to where the business should aim to be positioned."

Ian Flanagan, Managing Director, RFM

"Thanks for yesterday, you've certainly given us lots to think about! I look forward to working with you on developing the brand in what is a very exciting time for us."

Jonathan Crookall, People Director, Halfords

"It truly has changed the culture at LCF Law."

Ajaz Ahmed, CEO of Legal 365 – Part of the LCF Law Group



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