10 go to Camp Hill

10 Associates At Camp Hill

Last Friday saw the 10 crew venture off in to the woods for what they hoped would be a grand adventure. Would it prove to be ‘team bonding’ or more like ‘team barracking’?

Our hats must come off to the staff at Camp Hill who managed to tame the unruly bunch and got them to all stop talking at once.

The day consisted of:

Floodwaters – a desire to suspend a team member over the murky waters rather than traversing the barrel as per instructed.

Organisation Maze – an extremely frustrating experiment only proving that 40mins is far too long to ask people to be silent for.

Traverse Assault Course – how can two teams draw I ask you!

Gun Run – It would have helped if one team hadn’t lost the pin that keeps the wheel on in the first 60 secs.

Segway – A gentle cruise around the Camp Hill grounds, ‘a gentle cruise’ – did you hear that Mr Chadwick and Worthington?

Blindfold Driving – Too many swear words to mention here.

Leap of faith – No jokes here folks, there were some brave souls!

Leap Of Faith at Camp Hill - 10 Associates


Segway at Camp Hill - 10 Associates adventure