A Lot of Life Happens on Your Sofa

Some have billed it as the ‘holy grail’ project… securing the advertising contract with a national furniture company thanks to our Monty Python-themed creation.

Much less of a ‘And Now for Something Completely Different’ feel, our creative team drew upon the British comedy sketch group’s surreal outlook as inspiration to produce a creative and visually stunning campaign for stylist lifestyle brand, The Lounge Co.

Entitled ‘A Lot of Life Happens on Your Sofa’, the campaign features oversized commonplace objects on a sofa which are teamed with everyday actions such as ‘vegging’ and ‘spooning’.

Working with photographer, Angus McDonald, and creative Leeds duo Lord Whitney, the concept visuals brought the large props to life for the campaign which launched this week (October 8th) in London.

The collaboration is aimed at driving website traffic for The Lounge Co. and also footfall to its London location in Chiswick High Road.

“I am so excited by this campaign, the guys at The Lounge Co. were just brilliant and very open to 10 Associates delivering something memorable.” Jill Peel, co-founder and Creative Director

The final idea was rubberstamped in the summer following a series of creative workshops held by us at our London King’s Cross hub space in The Stanley Building, which included representatives from The Lounge Co. such as its CEO, Matt Hudson.

Craig Lyus, head of trade at The Lounge Co., said: “The team at 10 Associates were a joy to work with. They gave us a multitude of creative avenues to explore following our initial meeting and we pulled together elements from several of them. But the visual impact of the Monty Python-inspired giant props really bowled us over. We think it will give us some real cut-through amongst all the advertising noise across London.”

The ‘A Lot of Life Happens on Your Sofa’ outdoor advertising campaign will also be running in the London Evening Standard publication until the end of the year.



London underground advertising for Lounge Co

Tube advertising for Lounge Co

Lounge Co advertising

Lounge Co advertising in London

Advertising campaign for Lounge Co