A peek at the cutting room floor

The nature of our business means we explore and experiment with lots of different design solutions in order to meet the client brief. This exploration means we do a heck of a lot of work before we even reach conclusions we’re happy to share with a client.

Sometimes a brief may change, and a great idea might have to be side-lined and never see the light of day again. So here’s a little peak at our cutting room floor, and a nice little idea we worked on last year.

So, ‘Canopy’…

Welcome to the rainforest canopy…

…forming a green roof over the forest below which acts like a protective umbrella. It is the busiest part of the rain forest – the leaves, flowers and fruit that grow there provide food for all the animals, sustaining abundant life.

The canopy protects the ground from the sun, light and rain. Scientists estimate that 60-90% of life in the rainforest is found in the trees, making this the richest habitat for plant and animal life.

The Great Green Macaw…

…belongs to the parrot family and lives in the canopy.

He is beautiful, striking, confident and one of most highly recognisable birds in the forest. He’s highly resourceful and known for ‘using’ tools. Having one of the most powerful bites in the world, with a unique mobile upper jaw, it can eat food that no other birds can.

On a domestic level, humans have a long standing special relationship with parrots, who have unique mannerisms and an amazing ability to imitate the human voice – a behaviour found in intelligent mammals. Such an incredible creature, and a cool little design.

We invite you to the canopy, where everything’s covered

Michael Freemantle, Design Director.