A stretch Hummer and sheep – a great day of adventure – 10 style

To celebrate our ‘year of adventure’ the team had a very random mystery day out. We were picked up at the office in a stretch Hummer at 11am – a bit early to start on the fizz but we managed a couple!! Nobody knew the destination, but I guarantee nobody guessed it was to the Odeon in Huddersfield (well, you wouldn’t would you).

After getting stocked up on popcorn and other lovely goodies, we took our place in the cinema (which we had to ourselves – what a great time of day to go!!). What was the feature movie we went to see?

Shaun the Sheep of course!! – and his epic adventure in the city. Ewe just have to see it (sorry).

‘Big fun’ was had by all – it was a lovely little break out of the office and a splendid start to our Year of adventure.

Nice hat Lee!!

Jill Peel
Creative Director, 10 Associates

10 Adventure Day with Shaun The Sheep