ABS – A Better Way

ABS are a passionate and enthusiastic team who whole heartedly believe in the brand proposition. Providing an above and beyond experience for customers. In an industry tarnished by overinflated disingenuous claims, they stood apart. ABS recognised they could be better, in fact, the best.

But the original brand, messaging and story were lacking and didn’t accurately represent the aspirations of the brand.

In a market where many people sell printers, many others claim to save money, is it enough to say that you provide the very best service? The ABS Foundation proves that ABS are beyond business and bottom line. It reflects a business built on integrity and demonstrates to customers why they should not only trust ABS, but choose ABS.

“87% of global consumers say it’s important for brands ‘to act with integrity at all times’, making it even more essential than innovation (at 72%).” – Source: Cohn & Wolfe

There was an opportunity to utilise the great work of the ABS Foundation to anchor your business as a socially responsible brand. And clearly communicate that the business stems from a strong sense of purpose. We also need to be bold in our brand, tone of voice and story to rise above the noise & create real stand out.

ABS Brandmark- before and after

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