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We are all busy people living in a busy world but it’s important that we stop once in a while to reflect on the developments in our clients’ worlds. are a prime example of ‘blink and you’ll miss a heck of a lot’.

Back in February 2013, Appliances Online joined the 10 team for a Brandschoolimmersion process to uncover what lies at the heart of their business and its people – essentially what made AO tick.

The AO brand rolled out to great applause, mainly from the staff at its cinema launch, but the team were soon up to full speed and on camera to roll out the new TV adverts. TV advert

“We wanted to create a brand that people want to know, be part of and share, and it’s proven to be doing just that.” – Yossi Erdman, Head of Brand and Social Media at AO. (Read more at The Drum)

The team have always been a major force behind the company’s reputation for great customer service and prove that using social media tool such as Twitter and Facebook can be used effectively to mange your brand reputation.

In fact, half-way through May 2013, “AO hit a major milestone: 1 million fans on its Facebook page.” (Read more at The Daily Egg)

July saw John Roberts become a voice for the retail industry by appearing on BBC breakfast to talk about the online retailers tax debate.

In more recent events, ahead of its expansion into new categories outside white goods, Appliances Online has rebranded as “We are facing the future with a confident, charismatic, iconic and fun brand. We couldn’t be in better shape.” – John Roberts, Chief Executive.  (Read more at Retail Week).