‘Be’ magazine cover photoshoot

Be Magazine photoshoot for The Rullion Group

With our help Rullion’s ‘BE’ magazine launched in January 2014 with its first issue, and after a busy twelve months the Rullion Group had much to talk about in issue 2.

Rullion colleagues had seen a number of new initiatives introduced, focusing on improving communication between the Business and its Employees, the introduction of ‘The BE Team’ was one such idea. Formed in the summer of 2014, following a much–raved about (Britain’s Got Talent style) audition process in early spring, the BE Team are the link between the colleagues within the business and senior management.

“The idea is to improve communications between the business’ leadership and its employees – leadership means all leaders across the Group, from team leaders, branch managers and regional managers right up to the Chairman.”
Kim Strachan – Head of Learning & Development, Rullion Management Services

As the BE Team initiative was so important to the business it was decided that the front cover should be dedicated to this team of 5.

A day was set to meet at a Manchester photo studio where the girls and boys from the team would have the opportunity to have their hair and make-up done before stepping in front of Anton Starks’ camera lens. The trick for us, as an agency, was to compose a front cover that not only stepped it up from issue one but also painted the team in a light that championed them and would stir up enthusiasm and respect for what they are trying to achieve.

Be Magazine photo shoot by 10 Associates

The day was great – a studio, some kit, a great photographer, a genuinely nice bloke of an assistant, me with my handkerchief tweaking skills and a thoroughly great bunch of Rullion folk.

The Mad Men/American Hustle/Vanity Fair/Hollywood inspired cover was very well received internally. Good fun all round.

Michael Freemantle
Head of Design, 10 Associates

Be magazine photo hoot - behind the scenes


Be Magazine Photoshoot - Joe

Be Magazine Photoshoot - Leah

Be Magazine Photoshoot - Alex

Be Magazine Issue 2 created for Rullion