Brand at a glance for AB Agri

In the final phase of this current brand development project for AB Agri we delivered ‘Brand at a glance’, a printed piece designed to educate AB Agri colleagues why their business strength comes from presenting a united business mind. Brand Guidelines are in their final stages which detail how certain graphical elements should be used and which will ensure future communications across the company are consistent and in line with the core values of the business.

This project is just the start but it is seen that 10 have given AB Agri the tools with which to rejuvenate the company’s image and improve internal communications. Issue 2 of ‘Six’ in now in the pipeline and has been received well across the company.

Other elements in this project were:
Six magazine, AB Agri people photography, Six reasons why.

10 Associates BrandAtAGlance book for AB Agri
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AB Agri's Brand at a glance by 10 Associates
10 Associates Brand At A Glance