Congratulations Tony – Kilimanjaro climb

We thought it’d only be right to share this admiral achievement with you all as Tony, Group CEO – BioEden, conquered the mighty Kilimanjaro.

Tony Veverka - Kilimanjaro

Dear all

Back this week from Kilimanjaro    what can I say?  Elated and europhic about making it to the summit –  to prove it please see attached pics at the highest altitude beyond Stella Point at Uhuru Peak  –  but shattered and with a new found respect for high altitude and the elements.

Uhuru Peak is 5895 metres    the highest free standing summit in the world    and the final push on summit night, leaving at 11pm with the objective of summiting in time for sunrise, is a huge ask with nearly 1500 metres of height gain in one night at -20c temperatures without prior acclimatisation to that level of altitude. This after 10 days of living above the clouds and climbing the equivalent of Ben Nevis every day    but above 4,000 meters. As you can see from the pics I’m almost zombie like    as were others    and it is simply impossible to describe the impact of high altitude on the body in a way that anyone who has not experienced it would understand. Two steps forward, one back, 5 minutes of rest    even tying boot laces leaves you breathless    the last 100 metres, even when you can see the summit, feel as though they will go on for ever.

But one soon forgets the pain, the tiredness and the vow that you will never do this again  –  and that gives way to a fantastic sense of pride in the achievement    and of course the knowledge that, as a result of your generosity, The British Red Cross is able to help more people in crisis than they were before the climb.

So a huge thank you for supporting this cause    and if you have still to donate, or want to add a little more to an existing donation, then please click on the link below to my fund raising page just one last time.

Your support kept me going on that final summit push when every inch of my physical being wanted to give up    so thank you once again    I won’t forget the climb or your generosity.

Best regards

Tony Veverka
Group CEO, BioEden