Digital Plus

More and more now we are seeing a decline in print numbers for our clients, this usually means switching over to the digital press instead of lithography used for large quantities.

This is down to clients either wanting to be more environmentally aware, move online or both. Many years ago the digital side of printing had limitations (only certain papers could be used, on A4 or A3 paper size etc.) but today the world of ‘digital print’ has moved on. Now we can use different papers at different sizes and use print finishing to enhance the final product – ‘Digital plus’

This is achieved by using the latest press – HP Indigo, the quality on a whole range of different paper and different weights is outstanding. Add any of following to take the job to the next level. (binding, foiling, gilding, embossing, debossing, letterpress, screen print, die-cutting, laminating, laser cutting, offline UV & duplexing)

See some examples below (you wouldn’t know they were digitally printed!)

BindingGuildingOffset UVDuplex and die-cuttingDigital book – ECBDigital book – Gleeds 2