From snipers to several whiskies… The 10th birthday trip goes all Scottish.

Edinburgh Castle

‘View from Michaels’ bedroom window’

Following the ‘nail biting’ anticipation built up over the last several weeks (and a few red herrings cast by David), the 10 team met on a mild Yorkshire Saturday morning at the rather charming Huddersfield railway station to discover they were going to wildly windy Edinburgh for a Scottish weekend of fun and frolics (agency speak for lots of drinking and haggis – true Scottish style).

From arriving at the wonderfully decadent Waldorf Astoria to wobbling up Princes Street to the Galleries, the trip started with gusto. Night time saw us visiting the Grassmarket (Nikki’s idea – she went to university in Edinburgh and is after all, we discovered, Scottish) to start the evening’s adventures.

Edinburgh Trip

“The rickshaw… 1 man, 2 wheels vs. 3(.5) ladies. Man won! How the crowds cheered!” – Nikki

Following possibly the most entertaining rickshaw ride ever and several cocktails (at the fabulous Devil’s Advocate) we enjoyed a delicious (very) long meal at the Angels with Bagpipes. Both these establishments were chosen not just for their enticing menus, but both displayed well designed and thought through brandmarks!

The Devils Advocate and Angels With Bagpipes

Whilst we obliviously carried on drinking, it seems there was a gunman loose on the rooftops of Edinburgh and half the city was sealed off. David swore the following morning he’d seen him pass overhead.

Not sure if it wasn’t Mr Jack Daniel’s talking…

A ‘jolly’ Sunday morning saw us on an open top bus viewing the sights and smells of the wonderful Scottish capital. Did I tell you it was wild and windy? Blimey, I’m not sure how (some of us) braved the elements and came out of it in one piece.

“Even the Scots were agog at how we dealt with the gales upon the open top bus.” – Nikki

A look around the castle, more tea in the Castle tearooms, plus a wee dram (it’s compulsory) and yet more shopping, before our return journey south, which saw us arriving back in Huddersfield late Sunday after just missing our connection in York, despite Jon and Sarah’s very best efforts to ‘catch that train’.

Edinburgh Castle and city

“In true Enid Blyton Style, Five (or rather 9.5) had a wonderful time!  Along the way we gained 2 x fridge magnets, 2 x Gallery pencils, a bottle of whiskey, a cashmere scarf and 8 pairs of complimentary slippers. – Lee

Special mentions go to:
Lind (she of many umbrellas) – hope your ankle is better
Lee – the only one who brought a hat (sooo organised as usual)
Pete – sorry I missed your Grease impression and funky dancing
(that’s what Michael said!!).

Happy birthday all, you are fantastic and I for one had a cracking weekend.


Note to self: ‘Don’t leave new cashmere scarf where the dog can chew it up.’