Graham & Brown ‘Made for each other’ advertising campaign

Our long standing client Graham & Brown has seen their brand gaining great momentum over recent years and so they felt the launch of its new range was the perfect time to branch out into TV advertising.

Our brief was to continue the momentum and further build brand awareness – all centred around the fact that this carefully curated range of wallpapers and paints has been specially made for one another.

Branching into the world of TV advertising for the first time in our 15-year history the film shoot used bees and butterflies to highlight the opulent, perfectly matched range of Graham & Brown wallpaper and paint designs.

The 30-second advertisement airs throughout October as part of the ‘Made for each other’ campaign, highlighting newly crafted wallpaper patterns and paint colours that complement one another perfectly. The concept also features across social media, on-demand video and in premium home interest print titles.

“We have worked with Graham & Brown for many years, so we have a great understanding of what’s required. The challenge to us was to bring this concept to life in an engaging, compelling and truly irresistible way. We drafted in the skills of the team at The Gate and we were delighted at the atmosphere and indulgence they created. And working with live butterflies and bees meant for an interesting shoot!”
Jill Peel, Creative Director

We worked with Manchester-based The Gate Films to bring the vision and storyboards to life. A moment in time is created, offering a glimpse into a world everything is perfectly partnered, creating a space of intrigue and excitement, with a sprinkle of unique G&B magic, style and whimsy.

“10 Associates took the brief and created a concept that really built on our work on the brand over the last two years. Healthy relationships are essential in all aspects of life, and we’ve worked with 10 for some time now, so maybe it’s not just Graham & Brown’s wallpaper and paint that are made for each other.”
Alan Kemp, Head of Brand Marketing, Graham & Brown

View Graham & Brown’s extensive range of papers over on their website.

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