Illustrations for Rullion brand project

It’s been a big job lots of late nights, early mornings and caffeine to get here but this is only the start of our work for Rullion. These illustrations form part of the new communications package for the group, we have plenty more to show you which we’ll do when we get a spare 10 minutes.

Rullion has a strong 30+ year heritage in expert recruitment predominantly in the contract market but increasingly within the permanent arena. The group is made up of 5 separate trading companies each focusing on recruitment for different industries. Each trading company in the Group has it’s own culture, challenges and objectives and despite working in the same general space they remain very different.

Illustration for Rullion Engineering

Illustration for Rullion Build

Illustration for Rullion IT Plus

Illustration for Rullion Resource

Illustration for Rullion Solutions