KW Compass Programme Open Days

Working with a small group of farmers across the UK, KW Alternative Feeds have been tackling the production and management challenges that most livestock farmers face today.

The Compass Programme™ has been designed to champion best practice, demonstrate easily applicable integrated farm management strategies that can improve profitability and highlight the opportunity new feeds and feeding practices present. It recognises that dairy and beef farms are comprised of interlinked production units, e.g. calf and heifer rearing, dry cows and milking cows, and that management approaches should be formulated and implemented by a team, comprised as a minimum, of the farmer, feed advisor and vet.

10 have been working with KW to create a brand identity for this new farm initiative, and to supply them with a full marketing and support package which can be used to promote and host The Compass Programme Open Days which are to be held throughout the UK.

We’ve created a series of invitations, to be mailed out, which invite potential ‘Compass’ farmers to visit existing ‘Compass Farms’ to demonstrate and educate about the potential gains of becoming an accredited ‘Compass Programme’ farm.

KW Compass Programme Open Day invitation by 10 Associates

Invitation created for KW Compass Programme Open Day by 10 Associates