Make Great Your Xscape

We’ve just had the absolute pleasure of taking Xscape Yorkshire and Xscape Milton Keynes through Brandschool® and the results are awesome, even if we do say so ourselves.

We were appointed in June by Xscape to redefine their brand proposition and bring the brand to life from there. Check out what the team have said about the project and the work here.

Xscape, a well-known and iconic destination in both Yorkshire and Milton Keynes, has seen many changes over the years. Their product has diversified and adapted to people’s wants and needs and the brand strategy needed to support this shift in direction helping to grow footfall, sales and dwell time within the centres. They needed to reposition themselves in the hearts and minds of their audiences as a day out family destination for all. They offer everything from skydiving to soft play and have an enviable list of brand partners who truly deliver these great experiences for all ages day in, day out.

Make Great Your Xscape was the big idea we built the brand upon. It really taps into the ‘experience economy’ with people placing more emphasis on happiness, and spending more on areas that provide lasting satisfaction. Xscape offers customers a sense of anticipation ahead of time as well as memories afterwards, after all, they only do fun stuff at Xscape. And it was this feeling that we focused on when developing the new brand strategy, positioning and creative. It embodies energy, excitement and anticipation – through the use of expressive facial photography and an emotive tone of voice, amongst loads of other things.

A word from Jill Peel our Creative Director: “The new brand has a modernity, a relevance and an elegant simplicity that is not only current but can stand the test of time and will resonate with audiences young and old. In addition the all inclusive nature of the brand story and personality aims to inspire and excite audiences to make the most of life.”

“People’s spending habits are seeing some dramatic changes, and the rise of importance they’re placing on experiences, marks a huge shift in consumer behaviour, from buying things to doing things. Xscape is well positioned to service their customers growing desire to enrich their lives by providing only great experiences and lasting memories,” adds Nikki, Account Director.

Our lovely client Jade Elliott, Marketing Manager for Xscape Yorkshire, said: “The rebrand journey was an education and discovery piece for everyone involved. We’ve come out the other end with a bold, punchy brand that captures the sense of fun and excitement our customers visit us to experience. We’re keen to nurture and build upon the new brand; it’s simplicity, flexibility and sense of character will evolve with us and our offer in the years to come.”




Xscape Yorkshire radio campaign

Xscape design team at 10 AssociatesMichael Freemantle – Design Director, Jade Elliott – Marketing Manager Xscape Yorkshire, Caitlin Walsh – Designer.

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