Multi-level storytelling at its best…

Creative Director Jill Peel was flicking through the Sunday Papers this weekend and came across this ‘brave’ but ‘admirable’ print campaign for Atom Bank. The ‘bank in an app’ prides itself on being a ‘digital only challenger bank’ and it’s bold move in this Sundays paper proves it’s certainly prepared to put it’s money where it’s mouth is by presenting a series of adverts throughout the publication increasing in size each time until it’s grand finale on the inner back full page!

It’s interesting that a purely digital business has invested such a chunk of budget in print – it’s a perfect example of multi-level storytelling – something we constantly talk about to our clients. In this world where we absorb information across multiple channels, it’s more important than ever that we speak to them in all the places they may be looking.

A commendable campaign – we wish we were on the inside to see the results!

AtomBank_Founder© Atom Bank