Humans have engaged and interacted with animals for thousands of years, interestingly though pet-keeping didn’t become socially acceptable in Britain until the 18th Century when paintings and illustrations began to portray pets as an accepted part of domestic life. 

Responding to the growth of noisy and dirty industrial cities, Victorians were responsible for changing attitudes placing new emphasis on home and domestic life – pets were a key part of this change with the home regarded as a treasured place.   

From the 1840s, information books and children’s literature encouraged children to keep small animals such as rabbits and birds. The idea was to express caring values and practical skills. 

Different pets were popular within the Victorian era for different reasons, Pedigree dogs conveyed class and social status, cats were often kept for practical reasons, as they caught mice. 

Dogs were seen as steadfast, courageous, and incredibly loyal animals. In the popular oil painting ‘Sympathy’ by Briton Riviere 1877, the image depicts a little girl sent in disgrace to sit on the stairs, she is wonderfully accompanied by her faithful dog companion.

Sympathy’ by Briton Riviere

After the Second World War, vet services grew, as did companies supplying bespoke food, toys, and pampering experiences just for pets. A stronger emphasis developed on building a relationship with pets, rather than simply caring for them. 

By the late 1950s and early 1960s, academics explored the significance of pets in family life. In 1964, sociologists Harold Bridger and Stephanie White argued that the decline of the traditional ‘close knit’ family made pets more necessary to bring and bind families together. 

These days, pet culture is booming, our love for our four-legged friends is ever growing. According to Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PMFA) the principal trade body representing the UK pet food industry, a 2022 study confirmed that 17.4 million (62% of) households have pets (Source:

We are a strong team of animal lovers at 10 Associates, our chatter usually involves discussion of what Arlo, Joss’ black moggy, has had for breakfast – usually starting the day with warm foam oat milk. You’ll find Jill out and about come rain or shine walking Dudley – aka Teddy Mustard and Esmerelda – aka Big Bird. Caitlin and her beloved shih pug are inseparable, Rebel, can often be found under the design studio desks having a snooze. Then there’s Buster, Laura’s completely irresistible, affectionate Frenchie with his trademark bat ears who is very much the selective hearing type.

Our Naturo pitch success was the perfect brand win for us!! 

Close to our heart, our own pet’s health is a key consideration and what a better way than working with a premium brand that truly believes in high-quality ingredients – with recipes formulated by nutritionists, a vast knowledge and No.1 brand status to confidently operate within the niche 100% natural segment. 

The aim was to create an engaging advertising campaign for Naturo – who genuinely want the nations pets to be healthier and happier by being fed natural food. After all, the benefits are huge!

Our big idea focussed upon the knowledge that healthy pets make happy pets, and indeed happy pet parents.

Whereas tails are a window into the dog’s soul, the nose is a window into a dog’s health. There’s no better portrayal of ‘natural’ than through a dog’s most important sense. The nose is a signifier of ‘instinct’. They follow their nose wherever they go. Whether they are playing, greeting humans and other dogs, investigating, or showing affection, the nose leads the way. It’s their way of comprehending the world, through smell. 

Creatively we took a universally known nursery rhyme: “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes’ – and swapped out Toes for Nose. The commercial showcases a selection of six hero dogs – ‘Big Foot’, ‘Buddy’, ‘Frank’, ‘Josey’, ‘Rio’ & ‘Oakley’, – various breeds, sizes, ages, each one with their own unique personality. Faces steeped in anticipation, pepper the screen one-by-one. Fabulous eye-catching shots are then intercut with shots of vibrant, mouth-watering raw ingredients transforming into hearty looking Naturo wet dog food. 

On the day of the studio shoot, each dog absolutely stole the show. Impeccably well behaved and incredibly handsome, they each delivered an extensive selection of charismatic photography and many minutes of engaging footage – they captured our hearts and the true sentiment of the original big idea.

Working collaboratively with our uniquely chosen Associate we were fully involved in all aspects of the production process – from the beginning right through to the end. Our involvement was a seamless process, with carefully scheduled project management, including the delivery of in-house creative script writing, casting consideration of the lead soundtrack vocal, design recommendations regarding the hero dog selection, attendance to the main TV shoot, individual voiceover record sessions for the various advert versions (incorporating GB & Irish VOs). Creative execution and delivery of multiple digital campaign assets along with specific social cut downs for all paid media activity. Plus, a visually engaging sales presenter to aid Naturo’s sales teams when positioning their new campaign and products to the retail big four.

An extensive project with immeasurable pace – it is often said ‘Never work with children or animals’ but we will absolutely relish the next opportunity!

“We are thrilled with the creative that the team at 10 Associates developed. Its simplicity reflects the essence of our 100% natural brand Naturo and the imagery celebrates dogs of all shapes, sizes, and life stages. The moment we heard the theme tune we were all taken and the response from consumers has been nothing but positive.” Gail Cook – Head of Marketing at Mackle Pet Foods.

Services provided;

Campaign concept
TV Production
Dog Casting
VO Casting for GB & Ireland
Digital Campaign design roll out