Safe with us

After 3 months of immersion into The Safe Shop as a business, and using our Brandschool® plan and process – comprising of benchmarking, workshops and meetings – we were given an amazing insight into the world of Safe.

The outcome was that we were set a big challenge… ‘To build a brand that has presence and becomes that ‘go to destination’ for safes, locks and security solutions.’ The Safe Shop as a business and ecommerce concept was perfect – they had built a strong business, had good supplier partnerships, a great team in the office, and oozed the passion and enthusiasm to grow. However, the name and indeed the brand, just did not reflect them and their ambitious business plan. So… from ‘The Safe Shop’ to ‘Safe’ was the first recommendation we made.

Safe brand creation through Brandschool by 10 Associates
It says brand leader, quality, confident and trusted – four of the key attributes needed for an ecommerce retailer with no high street presence. With a bit of negotiation by Anthony, we were also able to acquire the url – it just made sense. Time was spent developing the brand, in terms of imagery, position and tone of voice, so that the story would be consistent across every touch point. We then worked hard behind the scenes with the digital team at Safe to rebrand the whole site and bring it to life.The big reveal to all staff took place on a Friday afternoon at their offices, taking everyone on the journey, and celebrating this exciting moment in time… branded cupcakes and bubbles all the way. Little did they know that we had also recommended an office makeover, so over the weekend we transformed the offices, and on Monday they came into the office as Safe. They lived with the new brand for two weeks, before the site went live in October and we launched a 3 month external awareness campaign.

The aim with time and continued marketing is to make safes more of an everyday given – we are quite comfortable using them on holiday, but don’t think about them for possessions, treasured memories and important documents at home.

Safe brand implementation piecesWe then worked hard behind the scenes with the digital team at Safe to rebrand the whole site and bring it to life. Check out the results at
A big thank you to Safe and We Are Boutique for the use of this film.