Sheffield Bitesize Brand Workshop

Following on from the success of the last Bitesize Brandschool™ workshop, for Forward Ladies, we are currently putting together the lesson plan for next event which is to be held at the Aston Hall Hotel, Sheffield, on the 13th May.

Branding in business is today becoming even more prevalent, particularly given the current economic climate.

Brandschool™ is our process of building and delivering brands, right from the ground up. It began life as an innovative idea drawing on all our experience and expertise, and it’s fast become a tried & tested framework embraced by virtually every one of our clients.

We give clients a firm grasp on the principles of branding, a vivid new insight into their own brand or even an entirely new brand that’s destined for success. This is what we do day in, day out. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Join us at this event and learn how businesses can use branding to create equity.


Aston Hall Hotel, Worksop Road, Aston, Sheffield, S26 2EE


To read more information on this event visit the Forward Ladies website.
To learn more about the Brandschool™ programme visit our main site.