Simon Smith – Life Renaissance

By unlocking minds and setting thinking free, we’re showing people the way to a life without limits.

The first great Renaissance changed the way the world saw and thought about itself. Those with the vision and courage to think independently led the birth of an exciting new era where progression and possitivity opened up a whole world of possibilities.

Today, taking the first Renaissance as our inspiration, we’re lighting people’s way to a rebirth of their own. We’re unlocking the minds, transforming the lives and brightening the futures of all those we work with. We’re starting and steering them on the personal journey of a lifetime: a thrilling and empowering voyage of self-discovery and reconnection, where happiness, success and real self-fulfilment are the final destination. Step aboard and join us, because a journey like this leads wherever you want it to.

Welcome to the power of positive. Welcome to Life Renaissance.

10Associates identity for Simon Smith

10 have recently had the pleasure to work with Simon to create his new identity and online presence.

“These guys are awesome, they listen, they think and they come up with ideas that go beyond what you initially dreamed of. In fact it’s like taking your black and white dream and making it 3D cinemascope colour. They conceived a fantastic concept for me which not only gave me something to take out to get business, but helped me believe in myself and my skills more when I saw it – I believed the dream when I saw what they did! Work with these people now, you won’t regret it.” Simon Smith

Brand and website design for Simon Smith by 10 Associates

Simon Smith also forms part of the Redvoice Collective, another of 10’s branding clients.