Snuggledown packaging range

Snuggledown Packaging Range created by 10 Associates


Born in Norway, Made in Britain, Snuggledown is a luxury filled bedding brand. The new packaging had to look fresh, quality, inviting and hard to resist.

Featuring lifestyle photography which we shot on location in Yorkshire, together with on-site photography in Wigan, we have created a delicious brand story:

LIVE | LOVE | SLEEP… Snuggledown

Created for the independent market, the range looks completely different from its competitors and invites the customer to read the pack and get involved in the brand experience.

When you are limited by the pack itself, it makes it all the more important to use design to educate, engage and excite. This creative does just that.

Check out more of the Snuggledown project here or visit Snuggledown here.

Live, Love, Sleep with Snuggledown

10 Associates - Snuggledown Packaging

10 Associates range for Snuggledown

Beautifully Crafted by Snuggledown

Sweet Dreams with Snuggledown

Peace and quiet with Snuggledown