Springtime for Twitchers’

The clocks have sprung forward, the daffodil and crocus are in splendid bloom and the Sun has returned!

Working in a thriving city centre may have the benefits of the shops, café’s and post-work bar social life. But at this time of year it is an absolute pleasure to work in the countryside surroundings where our office is situated.

I’m not a pro Twitcher, not even a part-time one, but as I ventured out for my lunchtime sandwich today I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of birds (the feathered type) around me. Within 15 minutes I had spotted at least 8 types. Starting with our daily visitor to the office pond a King Fisher, Mallards, a pheasant, a Robin, a Wagtail and various finches and tits. In the distance I heard the busy sound of the Woodpecker accompanied by the relaxing sound of a nearby stream. What a way to spend a lunch time!

If your visiting our offices this Spring or Summer give yourself an extra 20 minutes to take in the breath taking surroundings. Its well worth it!!

Peter Chana, Senior Creative Artworker