The Findel Group

Kicking off 2022 in style, our client Findel has not only launched their new corporate brand today but two of their consumer brands following an extensive piece of work with them in 2021.

Findel Education are a huge educational supplier in the UK and beyond with over 200 years experience. Back in April 2021 we were awarded the rebrand project following an intensive pitch process. The job was BIG not only did they need help in defining their corporate brand but we were also tasked at looking at four of their consumer brands too, two of which along with the parent brand has launched today.

Towards the end of last year we were honoured to support in the company wide launch of the new suite of Findel brands to just shy of 200 employees where all of the brands were revealed, each with their own unique brand positioning, story, big idea and look and feel, the presentation was the result of 6 months of work.

We deployed our full Brandschool® experience towards the end of Summer to capture and immerse ourselves in their world before recommending the strategic and creative solutions. Each brand had its own challenges and opportunities so our process and involvement was tailored accordingly. Working up GLS and HOPE to the full visual world whereas providing the brand strategy only for the parent brand. In doing so we worked closely with their talented in-house creative team to help them realise the visual world, brand mark and look and feel of the new corporate Findel brand based on our Big Idea ‘Growing Education for Generations’.

The journey with HOPE and GLS was different, here we took all the learnings from our immersion on the Findel Corporate brand and then held a further immersion session to get into the detail of what each of these brands offer with the view of making them distinct and different in their own right. The result are two very different brands created with their customer in mind. GLS is the epitope of efficiency for the busy School Business Manager whereas HOPE is all about ideas for the inspirationally-led Teacher.

Seeing the brands all come together as one, the result of many hours of getting to know and understand each brand and the people behind them can sometimes take time but the results are worth it as Chris Mahady told us; “The Brandschool® programme was excellent, it truly made us look at our business and our brands and what they stood for. Simple and engaging team days allowed everyone to have a voice and from that 10 Associates have turned our brands into something very different, very inspiring and very modern, making them future fit and refreshing. Everyone in the business loves them and that is exactly what we wanted, true business and colleague ownership. Thank you 10 Associates a first-class experience with a brilliant output for our business.”