The Fun Is Out There

Space captures kids’ imaginations in a way nothing else can, and with the endless expanse of the summer holidays stretching out before them, we wanted to let kids and parents know that The Fun Is Out There… at Xscape Milton Keynes and Yorkshire.

For this cosmic campaign, the crew at 10 embraced the retro aesthetic of 80’s sci-fi posters (think E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind) with our hero boy looking upwards with wonder amongst rockets and shooting stars. The X-Files inspired campaign line glows and shimmers against the night sky, asking the summer holiday crowd to look further afield this summer.

Xscape Summer 2019 Posters

This year’s 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing gave us the perfect launchpad to blast off from, bringing all things astronaut and alien to Xscape.

“We partnered with BananaKick to bring experiential slime making workshops, astronaut flashmobs and interactive space selfie stations to Xscape’s Northern and Southern bases.” Alex Finney, Designer

Xscape Summer 2019 Camaign


Xscape Summer 2019 Space Facts