The Success + Celebration Issue of BE

Rullion Magazine Proof

2014 is off and running and the folk over at Rullion had a lovely piece of print waiting for them to brighten up ‘Blue Monday’!

During a sentiment survey which we undertook in 2013 ‘celebrating the groups successes’ and ‘overall communication’ were seen as areas for improvement and as such 10 & Rullion together have worked hard to look at initiatives to make Rullion truly the very best place to work.

As part of this initiative the first issue of BE Magazine was born. It demonstrates Rullion’s level of commitment to improve communications between the Business and their Employees as well as supporting the wider B2E (Business 2 Employee) strategy which we put in place towards the last quarter of 2013.

It takes a smart business to understand the importance of building a brand from within. A factor which every business needs to address to remain competitive in the ongoing war for talent. And Rullion have not only understood this but have committed to making it a key focus of their growth and development over the coming years. BE Magazine is just the start.

If you’d like to know more about building your brand culture, come say hello!

Printed on:
Heaven 42 from GF Smith – 170gsm outers + gloss laminate, 135gsm inners.

Rullion Magazine Spread 1

A snapshot of the Rullion magazineSpread from the Rullion magazine