We are the cats that got the Cream!!

Cream Yorkshire Award 2012 for 10 Associates
The whole 10 team were chuffed to pieces to win a Cream Award 2012 last Friday. It’s nice to get a bit of recognition for this year’s blood, sweat and ink!!

Following an online award ceremony (a first for Cream Yorkshire), our shiny trophy arrived in the office on Monday and has pride of place in the Reading Room alongside our other awards. We won it for our ‘Little Book of Brand Achievement – 10 Things You Should Know About Branding’.

This small but perfectly formed piece of self promotion has been admired by all who have received one and proves that a beautifully designed printed piece can still have a big impact in this digital age.

We would like to thank the judges for their impeccable taste and DMP for a lovely print job. Please let us know if you would like one of these limited edition little gems (get in touch).

“Really great stuff is what I say! We’re pleased that people have been so receptive to the messages in the book. We really thought it’d be a great way to communicate with people without stepping into the realms of using over complicated messages to get a point across. It’s a great read and lovely to hold in your hand, everyone’s had a hand to play is this one so big thumbs up to Team 10!” – Michael Freemantle, Head of Design @ 10

You can watch the awards ceremony on The Drum website.