What is a 10?

A 10 to us is being the best you can be. Obvious? You’d think so, but we see SO much mediocrity that to be a 10 is harder now than ever.

Ask yourself this – when did you last give something 10 out of 10. Whether it be a Netflix box set, a night out, or that pair of shoes… elusive isn’t it?

Remember the classic 80’s film, 10, with Bo Derek and Dudley Moore? The title refers to her physical attractiveness being ‘a perfect 10’, on a rating scale of 1 to 10 (such ratings were popularised after the first perfect 10 gymnastics score was awarded to Nadia Comăneci at the 1976 Olympics). A little bit sexist, a tad cheesy… almost definitely, but I remember watching it and desperately wanting to have my hair beaded and braided like Bo’s. It took me a bit longer to become a 10!!

So, apply the same thinking to your brand and what would you rate it? Truthfully. Does it hit a 10 in all the areas that matter? What about your people, what about your current design agency – what would give them out of 10? Tricky, eh? I suspect that you give out a rare 10, and it certainly makes you focus on a very simple question – if it’s not a 10, well what is it? And if it isn’t a 10, why not? Shouldn’t you be striving for a 10.

We do. Every single day.

Our brand name reminds us that everything we do has to be the very best we can do. We even have it on our walls – ‘10, because 9 just isn’t good enough’.

May I make a suggestion? Take 10 minutes and think about what you would honestly score yourself, your people, your business, your brand, the latest project you’ve just finished, the last email you sent… you’d find out where things just aren’t cutting the mustard. Set yourself a goal to get at least one of those up to a 10.

Needless to say, we’ve helped some pretty cool brands to achieve a 10 – take a look at some of our case studies. Maybe, just maybe, you’re brave enough to give us a call (or email if you’re shy) and say the words – “I want to be a 10”.

Leave the rest to us.


Jill Peel, Founder & Creative Director