Brand Strategy

Using the insight we’ve gained from immersing ourselves into your business, we will then devise a strategy for your brand, which isn’t a simple process, but it’s one that we’re experts in.

To help us develop a commercially aware piece of branding, we aim to ensure that you maintain a solid strategic vision behind your brand identity and messaging.

We’ll couple the insight gained from your Brandschool® session (although we complete heavy duty strategy pieces that sit outside of the Brandschool® programme if required) with competitor analysis, industry trends and customer behaviour, creating a Brand Plan which sets out essence, values, truths, benefits and reasons to believe – the foundation upon which to build a robust brand.

AO Brand Strategy

You need to tell a story with your brand, and with our multilevel strategy, you’ll be able to create an engaging narrative purpose-built to nourish and expand your audience.

We say at 10 that we’re all about The Big Idea, Beautifully Executed. Quite simply, without the thinking and the clever strategy, a design is just an image wrapper, and in today’s fickle world, where we are bombarded with hundreds of brand messages every day, a brand without substance means nothing, has no credibility and subsequently, will achieve nothing.

Halfords Halfords Brandbook Xscape Launch Xscape Planning

‘We tasked 10 with creating a brand that people want to know, be part of and share, and they did just that. We have seen our Facebook followers reach 1.7 million, with customers interacting with Facebook photo posts with homemade versions of the smiley face logo and requests for the official smiley face of the brand - it all goes to show it really is the start of a movement.’

Yossi Erdman, Head of Brand



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