Nikki Phillipson

Account Director

Nikki has been a key member of the team at 10 since 2008, rising through the ranks to Account Director, with responsibility for making sure our clients are always happy. Before 10 she had a varied past working in Art Direction, Styling and Account Management before finding her feet within Branding.

Nikki's a sharp strategic thinker and great at getting to the bottom of client challenges. Working closely with Jill, Nikki has worked hard on the evolution of our unique brand development tool, Brandschool®, and believes fervently in the effect this process can have on a business, seeing first hand 8 years of successful graduates. Nikki is always on the look out for new opportunities to create and develop brands and in particular the ambassadors that make them a success.

Nikki is a doting mum to little Frankie and is quickly becoming a pro at family fun days out. An avid 'pinner', Pinterest is her escape, quoting it as the place her alter ego lives - full of the things she'll never afford, fit into or make! As a mum she's always on the look out for a good 'life hack' so if you have one, please share it with her!

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