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The Challenge

Inland Homes, a leading brownfield regeneration specialist tasked us to create a brand for a completely new sustainable housing concept constructed of containerised units that can be joined together to provide flexible, practical and affordable living space.

Hugg Homes Hugg Homes

The Approach

Through using elements of our Brandschool® programme, we named the new brand Hugg™. We thought it was the perfect name as it encapsulated the very essence of the product - the units ‘hug’ each other to create a community and a feeling of belonging. The name also takes a little inspiration from the Danish word ‘Hygge’ – a ‘way of living’ that creates a sense of contentment.

The design reflects the modernity of the brand proposition. The brandmark is simple, bold, confident and clear - utilising a bright colour palette that compliments and contrasts with the materials that the units are constructed of. The overall look and feel is hugely engaging - a combination of lifestyle photography, striking iconography and a unique tone of voice makes for a really strong brand.

Hugg Homes Words Hugg Homes Brandmark Hugg Homes Brandmark Hugg Homes Logo Hugg Homes Colour Palette Hugg Homes Icons
Hugg Homes Advertising

Hugg™ is the brand for sustainable residential accommodation which uses modular construction to provide flexible, practical and affordable living space.

Hugg™ is about embracing a smart way of living. Where there’s a space for everything, and everything in its place. A Hugg™ is always here when you need one and you’ll find everything you want in a place you’ll be happy to call home. It’s been designed like that from the very start.

Discover a feeling of belonging.
Welcome home. Welcome Hugg™.

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Hugg Homes Brochure
Hugg Homes Brochure
Hugg Homes Brochure

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