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The Challenge

When John Horsfall, a long-established supplier of textiles to the aviation industry, wanted a refreshed look to express both its heritage and innovative 21st century creativity, it turned to us!

A family business established more than 150 years ago, Huddersfield-based John Horsfall is highly regarded within the airline textile manufacturing industry, with a client list including British Airways and Emirates and collaborators such as the V&A, Eve Mattresses and designer David Caon for the new Qantas 787 Dreamliner cabin interior.

Despite being well known within the textile industry, the company felt its existing branding did not fully reflect its bold, creative thinking and ultra-modern production processes.

John Horsfall

The Approach

Following a successful pitch, we set about getting to the heart of John Horsfall to celebrate its history while highlighting its agile practices and forward-thinking attitude.

This began, as ever, with Brandschool® to gain a full understanding of what mattered most to the company and its people.

The result was a sleek, contemporary look for the company that reflects both John Horsfall’s heritage while celebrating its high quality, design-led products that offer the ultimate in passenger comfort.

The idea of creating a signature for the new brand mark helps to cement the founders story to the future of the business, while creating a clean and contemporary brand feel. The colour palette reflects this using copper detailing to pick out the brand mark on printed collateral.

John Horsfall Brandschool Brandschool
John Horsfall Brand Positioning

The Result

“John Horsfall was such a great project for us to work on. The business is doing fantastic work and has a long-standing reputation, they just needed a brand that celebrated that heritage and showcased its innovative working practices. We took the whole team on the journey to create a distinctive platform that was real and true to them as a business.” Jane Darnell, Account Director.

“As a company we have gained so much from this project. We were particularly impressed with the Brandschool® process and how 10 ensured that every member of our team felt involved and valued. This has resulted in a refreshed brand that everyone feels proud of and truly engaged in delivering.” Joanna Shipp, Design Manager, John Horsfall

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John Horsfall Brochure
John Horsfall Brochure
John Horsfall Brochure
John Horsfall Brochure

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