The Challenge

Part of a family-owned, British company, Saxon Furniture, who have been hand-crafting quality sofas for 30 years, the sofa manufacturer needed to establish the Lovely Sofas brand and reposition them among hefty competition. Despite being steeped in heritage in the world of manufacturing, no longer can you just make something great to cut through the noise and stand out from the competition. Many businesses who have superior products and services are being outmaneuvered, by companies who have a mediocre offering but who have mastered branding and marketing and, ultimately, how to connect with audiences. Our remit was to build a brand proposition and personality around the Lovely Sofas brand, that would drive deeper emotional connections with audiences in this highly saturated and competitive landscape, making it truly live up to its name.

Cinema Launch

The Approach

Through our Immersion stage we discovered that our target market are curators in their own homes and liked being able to create looks out of an eclectic mix of old and new, things that mattered to them, this combined with redefining what Lovely means concluded that Lovely means lots of different things to different people. This lead us to the key insight ‘we don’t define lovely, you do’ and the Big Idea ‘Life of Lovely’ which created a platform from which the brand could start a two-way conversation with customers, and would stretch way beyond sofas into lifestyle aspects too. All with an ownable and distinctive ‘Lovely’ personality.

Lovely_Sofas Lovely_Sofas Lovely_Sofas Lovely_Sofas
Cinema Launch

The Brand

Supporting the Life of Lovely positioning we created a strong and distinctive style that would really stand out. Working it across a range of touchpoints including a catchy brand film to communicate the brand proposition to new audiences. Crafting a set of nine hero adverts to run across home interest and newspaper supplements, each telling their own ‘life of lovely’ story, focusing on intriguing details that would resonate and provide a charismatic picture of each unique personality. Paying particular attention to the first physical touchpoint of the brand within the form of a Sample Pack which included ‘life of lovely’ stickers to promote social interaction, a ‘lovely mixtape’ spotify playlist for customers to interact with and a brand builder ‘little book of lovely’ to tell the brand story.

Lovely_Sofas Lovely_Sofas Lovely_Sofas Lovely_Sofas

The Result

Late 2017 saw the re-launch of the Lovely Sofas brand. Early indicators such as growth of traffic to the website, number of page views and an incredibly low bounce rate, combined with positive interactions among customers, social networks, peers and press interest suggest that Lovely Sofas is on the cusp of something truly remarkable.

“The Lovely Sofas brand really had been in hibernation, so we tasked 10 Associates with bringing it back to life. They totally nailed our brand proposition by redefining what ‘lovely’ meant. The Big Idea ‘Life of Lovely’ builds a compelling and engaging brand story with a distinct tone of voice. We are proud and excited to relaunch the Lovely Sofas brand which now truly delivers on its name. Lovely!”

Matt Deighton
MD of Saxon Furniture Ltd

Lovely_Sofas Lovely_Sofas Lovely_Sofas

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