The Challenge

The Authentic Food Company (TAFC) is a fast growing business with a very strong heritage and reputation. With ambitious growth plans, they knew that the brand need to be fit for purpose. TAFC understood that even though they were a B2B frozen food white label manufacturer, it was still very important to have a strong brand.

Having a strong brand and proposition gives TAFC a bigger voice in the food services and manufacturing sectors and this is key to their success. They also had a very strong heritage in Indian snack and curries and needed to ensure that they were able to make the transition to world cuisines successfully and not be pigeon holed into Indian Cuisine.

In 2015 the TAFC acquisition of the Heinz ready meal business in Dundalk provided them with an instant state-of-the-art frozen ready meals facility. This provided them with the capacity to expand their frozen ready meal offering – everything from curry and cottage pie to lasagna!

The Approach

With a challenge as complex as this – the merger of cultures, move from Indian to World Cuisine and 3 locations to align it was important that we worked with as many people as possible, so that the work reflected everyone within the organisation and provided them with a sense of belonging and reason.

We ran 5 Brandschool® workshop across the business, conducted 65 interviews across the 3 sites to get an insight into the TAFC world, and created a microsite with our very own 'gastronaut'. This allowed every employees to tell us about TAFC and what the brand meant to them. From all of this fantastic insight, we were able to clearly define the brand, the essence and a set of behaviours that were right for TAFC.

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The Result

The story behind the brand came from all of the insight work and the key differentiator for them was their total focus around TASTE. The personality of the brand was therefore reflected in the essence of 'taste is at the heart of everything do' and came to life through our 'Tastemakers' who were focussed on working hard at TAFC to tantalise tastebuds around the world.

The Authentic Food Company as a brand identity was updated and depth was added to the brand icon by adding more focus to the 'A 'a nod to the 'authenticity' of the brand and the business. The A is a bold and ownable icon and connects with the nature of the business through the tasting spoon as the spoon creates the centre of the 'A' and is at the core of the business.

The values were simplified and focussed around the amazing people, products and partnership that TAFC have and by simplifying this and focussing on taste we have been able to create a simples succinct and impactful brand to unite everyone and take the business forward.

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