Xscape Tuesdays

The Challenge

Xscape have 2 sites packed with family activities and entertainment. To help maximise their investment and stretch their budget further, they like to share campaign assets. But both sites are very different. Milton Keynes has a much broader retail, food and drink offering, whereas Yorkshire has a stronger focus on activities. So, when we were applying our energetic new Xscape brand identity to their ongoing seasonal and tactical campaigns, we knew we had to create assets that were supremely flexible.

Summer Campaign

The truth about the Summer holidays is that many parents dread them. Armed with this insight, we based our school holidays campaign around helping tired mums and dads to “Survive the Summer”. Across posters, leaflets, digital and press advertising we showcased the activities, offers and adventures available to help keep kids occupied. Through social media channels, we also helped Xscape show they were on the side of parents by providing all sorts of tips and tricks to entertain kids at home.

Xscape Summer Xscape Summer Xscape Summer
Xscape Tuesdays

Seasonal & Tactical Campaigns

There’s always something going on at Xscape. So our brand communications are constantly evolving. Each year we work on 4 main campaigns for Easter, Summer, Snow Season and Christmas. But in between there’s a steady stream of social led competitions and mini-campaigns for events such as Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Blue Monday. We’ve also helped to create incentive schemes for quiet periods such as Xscape Tuesdays. The sheer variety of executions is dizzying, but it’s proven one thing: our Xscape branding is as flexible and resilient as we hoped.

Xscape Christmas Xscape Christmas Xscape Christmas
Xscape Tuesdays

The Results

“The Xscape brand allows us the flexibility we require when it comes to producing and delivering a variety of campaigns over the course of a year. The approach provides brand consistency, whilst our varied colour palette and use of imagery gives us the ability to play with campaign ideas in line with our brand personality.

The 10 team take on board our objectives and really get under the skin of our target audience mindset. Their considered thought process, coupled with the flexible brand, guarantees a compelling campaign creative every time.” Jade Elliot, Marketing Manager Xscape.

And we’ve seen some great results to back this up, Yorkshire footfall up 13% on 2017 and Milton Keynes footfall up 4.3% on 2017.

Xscape Campaigns Xscape Campaigns Xscape Campaigns
Xscape Tuesdays

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