And the Chip Award goes to…

10 Associates Chip Awards Trophy

The race has been on in recent weeks to get those reward chips given out before the deadline closed for 10’s very first ‘Chip Awards’ Presentation.

The 10 Associates Chip Awards were created to acknowledge those positive gestures and actions carried out by the 10 team. Chips are given out however the person sees fit, it may be an act of extreme kindness or going that extra mile to get a job finished, whatever the action it shows that the persons efforts are appreciated.

The awards run on a quarterly basis with chip counts being taken at the end of each month.

The first 10 Associates Chip Award ceremony has just reached its climax and saw Sarah Carter take the grand prize after pipping James Bornshin to the post by just one chip.

10 Associates Chip Awards Winner, Sarah Carter

The host of the awards, David Worthington, took some time to acknowledge all that had participated in the awards, he also ran through the ‘Top 3 chip givers’.

Congratulations to Sarah for the award, she does bake a mean cake but all of her bubble and enthusiasm is rumored to be the reason why she scooped the top award.