BestHeating brand relaunch and campaign

Quite the all-encompassing brand project! From a fresh rebrand, considering perception and target audience, to creating a campaign to launch the new brand’s look, feel and personality! The client opted for an integrated campaign approach including TV, VOD, DRTV, display, print & press and OOH. There were a huge amount of activity and deliverables that demanded the best of our creative, logistical, and managerial know-how, but we thrive for these kinds of fast-paced, multi-channel projects and couldn’t wait to get our creative hands dirty and turn our systematic brains on!, are an online-only retailer who sell high quality heating products from radiators, heated towel rails and accessories. After recognising that their existing brand was outdated, tired and not serving their target reach, BestHeating came to us for a rebrand. They were ready to be brave and take the leap into big brand territory. They had developed an appetite to become the market leaders in their own distinctive & ownable way, particularly with a cross category approach leaning into the home interiors/aesthetic-led market. But it didn’t stop there, we then created a campaign concept and produced (with our associated partners) multiple TV adverts and campaign collateral.

Using elements of our Brandschool® programme, to engage with key stakeholders, we began to immerse ourselves into the business and the overall world to understand who they are, what makes them tick and most importantly what gives them the market lead! Through desk research evolving on supplied insight (in particular, consumer insight) and diving into the Brandschool® Homework responses, our analysis revealed a wealth of internal intelligence, and it was clear the feeling was the same across all stakeholders – an ambition for a more inspiring, bolder, and personable brand! Through our brand interrogation it was clear a perception piece was required, to stop customers casting their radiators aside, and encourage them to see radiators as an integral element of the home’s interior. It was also clear that tone of voice would play an integral part in this brand’s identity and with all this insight we formed a considered brand strategy (brand story, ToV, vision, mission, unique traits, personality) which was then used to create and form the brand look & feel, ultimately “The Big Idea”.

Heating made cooler. 

At BestHeating we help you stay toasty all winter and effortlessly cool all year. 

By thinking outside the flat white box, we empower your sense of style to take over.

You can go bold, go classic, go vertical or go horizontal. You can go bright orange, subtle grey, matte black or chrome. Whatever shape or size you’re looking for, we help you fill your home with beautifully designed radiators without breaking the bank. 

We call it heating made cooler.

The new brand was incredibly well received by BestHeating’s senior team, and they couldn’t wait to get going and introduce it to the business and customers through their website, using our designs and recommendations to refresh their website and UX experience. Simultaneously, we also created a campaign concept to support the new brand, working with the new brand’s strategy and approach whilst understanding perception was key. We knew wanted to be disruptive in their category, we know the brand’s personality is positive, confident and enjoys a little humour. So, with this and multiple ideation sessions, we created a concept which shows a radiator installed within an art gallery, and with its beauty and colour is misconstrued by a young couple as a piece of art until the art curator interrupts them and turns the heat up on the valve, we later see the radiator in the couple’s home as it signs off with “ Heating made cooler”. The advert deliberately did not include much scriptwriting (apart from the tag), as the aim was for the quiet nature to cut through noise. The VO was key for this advert as the brand voice was the only scripted sound for the brand ad variant, the tone, style of read and pitch needed to align to the new brand’s tone of voice and personality. We wanted the voice to build equity into the new brand.

With the team on board with the brand and campaign concept, we went into the production stage, working closely with our production associate The Gate Films and their inhouse director Graeme Hill to execute our brand vision and deliver multiple TV advert variants (Brand, Direct Response and Promotional). Brand was our hero advert and Direct Response (DRTV) had a more sales orientated approach featuring more product and a script (written in-house in 10 Associates’ studio). The DRTV advert also required CGI builds of room sets incorporating BestHeating’s radiator models, we worked closely with a CGI artist to create these room sets and ensure they were in line with the new brand’s imagery style. Acting as brand guardians we immersed ourselves in all aspects of the campaign production including direction of sound design, voiceover recordings, casting, prop styling, set design, graphics and CGI.

We also organised a photoshoot of the sets (Gallery & Living Room) to use for the campaign collateral (Print & Press, OOH, Display etc). Working closely with the client and their Channel Agency, We Are Boutique, to understand the objectives and audience for each campaign asset to aid the design creation and messaging of the collateral.

Prior to the advert going live on national TV & VOD across channels such as Channel 4, ITV and Sky, BestHeating organised a launch party at Channel 4 Headquarters in Leeds. At the launch party we presented the brand journey to the wider BestHeating team to bring everyone on board and to create a buzz and celebration.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with the BestHeating team to create a brand that reflects the true business and an identity all employees are proud of. It was lovely to see the passion and investment from the whole team during this process. Let’s see what 2023 brings for them!” Reece Pritchard, Account Manager.

“We are thrilled to have launched our BestHeating rebrand and new TV campaign at what is an exciting time for the business and heating industry. Following a period of strong growth, it feels like the perfect time for a new era.” Steve Cunliffe, Managing Director at Limitless Digital Group.

“Speaking on behalf of everyone at Limitless Digital Group, I can truly say we have enjoyed every minute of working with 10, from the initial Brandschool activities through to the final submissions of creative across multiple channels and seeing the TV ads live, it has been a fantastic process to be a part of.

The expertise and skills across the entire team are second to none, especially Joss’ incredible creative skills, such high quality of work across all aspects. Also a special mention for our account manager Reece and her impeccable management of so many moving parts of the project, every aspect was carefully planned and timescales laid out with clear deadlines to ensure all were met ahead of schedule, while also adding valuable input into the creative and brand strategy throughout the process. The team’s enthusiasm and passion for their work is relentless, nothing was too much trouble, and the team always took the time to explain their recommendations to ensure everything was clear and that everyone was in agreement with the path ahead.

As the BestHeating site is our flagship store and hadn’t been touched in a number of years, the rebrand was a challenging task with pressure to get it right. The team at 10 confidently presented their concept to the key stakeholders, kick starting the new era of the BestHeating brand across various touchpoints, from a new logo design through to a multi-channel creative strategy, including two new TV adverts, OOH activity and Inserts within magazines.

It has been a pleasure working with the team at 10, such a high standard of work and professionalism across every aspect while also being approachable and easy to work with, they feel like an extension of our team. We look forward to seeing the results from the hard work invested on this project, and working with them again on any future activity.” Ali Jones, Marketing General Manager at Limitless Digital Group.

Check out Best Heating’s website (inspired by our brand designs) –

The Results;

• During the first week of the TV campaign, brand traffic increased 113% on the previous week.

• Brand traffic as a proportion of total traffic also increased considerably, reporting the highest on record for BestHeating during the first week of the TV campaign, and maintained similar levels across subsequent weeks.

• Direct traffic as a proportion of total also saw an uplift, reporting an 8% increase vs the average of the 4 weeks prior to the campaign, and the highest figures so far for 2022.

• For the products featured within the adverts specifically, BestHeating saw a significant rise in page views, up by 56% vs the week before (combined figure across all products). The hero product, the Sunset Orange Aruba radiator, page views for the SKU reported a substantial WoW increase of more than 200% following the launch.

Services provided;

Rebrand & brand strategy/narrative
Campaign concept 
TV Production 
Campaign design roll out & Artwork
Launch presentation