How it all began…

10 is trading in its 11th year, and with the launch of a new website and a vastly growing team, it seemed fitting to look back on where it all started and remind ourselves of our beginnings.

Everyone at 10 believes that design can benefit every business in one way or another, and that businesses are more successful as a result. Companies just need to be open to it and embrace it as part of their wider business strategy.

10 was built on this belief. Jill Peel, Creative Director and co-founder, recalls a story she read about Neil Armstrong around the time that her and David Worthington were thinking of setting up 10. It linked to a theory which she had been mulling over.

Neil, at the tender age of five, began his obsession with flight after experiencing his first flight with his father. He got his first job in a drug store at the age of 10 to save up for flying lessons, which are expensive today, so imagine how much they were in 1940!

The beauty of this anecdote is that young dreams are impossible to shatter. The determination of a 10 year old to follow their dream is unwavering. In fact it’s only as we get older that we construct barriers to our success and tell ourselves that things aren’t possible.

Jill & David discussed this and the potency of such a rallying call for their business. Not only as a state of mind for them, themselves setting up another design agency in Yorkshire (probably the highest number of agencies outside of London are here), but also for their clients. This state of mind is how we should all approach our growth and development.

When working with 10 we ask that you open your minds to possibility. Our brand positioning…

‘Courage, determination, dreams, achievement and pride. When everything was possible. Remember when you were 10?’