Made of Design – Graham & Brown

Made of Design for Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown are quite simply Made of Design.

Over 68 years of creating beautiful wallpaper, paint and wall art, with a team of super talented designers in-house and collaborations with celebrity designers such as Marcel Wanders, Barbara Hulanicki and Wayne Hemingway, has made them the UK’s number 1 brand.

Our Made of Design campaign platform was so well received, it has been embraced by the business as the over-arching brand positioning.

Playing on the Northern heritage and wit of Graham & Brown, the campaign features ‘Northern Rose’ wallpaper, which we wrapped a Morris Minor in (AKA Doris) and dressed our whippet in (AKA Boris).

Launching at Superbrands in London, our campaign started with a road trip in Doris ‘down South’, where designers were treated to  the best carrier bag in town and a truly inspirational notebook (lovingly produced and finished to a high standard – 112 pages of high quality uncoated paper PUR bound into a heavy dark brown cover. Finishing touches include silver foil of the Graham & Brown logo and Boris on the cover, and an outer wrap of the wallpaper/poster that reflects the wallpaper together with the wallpaper pattern, as endpapers.)

Supported with press advertising featuring Boris and Doris, all photographed over 2 days in the stunning North Yorkshire village of Crakehall.

Graham & Brown. Made of Design. Making them an official Cool Brand for the 5th year in a row.

Here at 10, we call that brand achievement.

Made of Design campaign for Graham & Brown

Made of Design notebook for Graham & Brown