Internal Communications
Brandschool Room

Great brands are built from within. They need to reach out to customers, certainly – but reaching out to your employees can be just as important. As we say in Brandschool® – employees are the brand – they live and breathe it every day, and it’s vital that there is a collective thread of communication throughout the whole business.

Customer retention is closely linked to the strength of your team, making employee engagement and a strong brand culture vital for your company’s future profits.

We’ve helped streamline and strengthen the internal culture of many companies, participating in the creation of internal employee magazines, achievement awards, events and initiatives, all of which reflect the vision and values of your corporate culture.

We believe that by making your employees an integral part of the corporate culture, and turning them into brand champions, they will be happier members of your team. Let’s make your employees happier together.

Employee Engagement (B2E)

By engaging with your employees more effectively, you’ll be well on your way to achieving this – but it’s a process which takes time, care and know-how.

We’ve worked hard with brands of all shapes and sizes to create, build and integrate the values or behaviours of a business, optimising brand positioning in all sectors, including recruitment and talent attraction, on-boarding, and performance management.

The Watermill

Our famous Brandschool® programme is built on the very premise that the best brands are built by the very people who deliver the brand experience – at every single touch point.

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