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Brandschool®. Nobody does it better, because nobody else does it. That goes for our Brandschool® workshops too. Anybody who attends one of our very special sessions will tell you how unique it is – in fact, we’ve had some truly amazing feedback over the years (please read some of the kind words our clients have said).

So, how does it work…

After we’ve had a thorough getting to know you immersion session and scoped out your bespoke Brandschool® programme, which is designed specifically for the needs of your business and the desired outcomes, we’ll send homework out to all the participants prior to the workshop day. We will then take you through a fast-paced, educational and engaging day, which typically comprises of a 10am–3pm session for up to 15–20 people – although we have ‘done’ several sessions with as few as 2 people and as many as 100 people.

The Brandschool® workshop day can be carried out here at our lovely offices in the woods (in the very heart of West Yorkshire), or we can bring it to you – anywhere in the country and beyond (we took the Halfords Brandschool® to Ireland and we’ve even had pupils Skype in from South America).

Everybody who partakes leaves with a better understanding about branding in general and more importantly, how/why/what it means for them in their role. Some amazing insights are discovered, some brand advocates created and some magical brands born.

Brandschool Workshops

Naming Workshops

Naming a brand is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a new business, especially when a brand has to live on and offline, and the battle for that much wanted URL is fierce.

Here at 10, we’ve created names for products and services across a diverse range of business sectors, and because demand has grown hugely over the past several years, we’ve devised a Brandschool® workshop specifically for naming.

We’ve built a robust model which has delivered some extraordinary names for some extraordinary businesses.

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