The Challenge

Working with Landsec, the largest commercial property development and investment company in the UK, we were asked to take a look at how we might reframe the experience at their Brighton Marina destination. It was clear early on that there were some big challenges to overcome.

Described as 'a sea of concrete, next to the sea' opinions were strong. We not only needed to look at the physical landscape we were dealing with but also the clear split in personality created by the mix of factory outlet and chain casual dining brands alongside new residential developments high end hotels and of course boats.

Brighton Marina Location Brighton Marina Existing Signage Brighton Marina Location

The Approach

There was no denying that this was a prime piece of real estate with massive potential and an appetite for change - the ‘rebirth’of Brighton Marina was long awaited.

The location owed its resilience to the spirit and energy of the people who have made it their place of work, their home, built a community there and contributed to a shared future. It is these people who made it what it is and it is them that needed to become champions of our brand offer.

We need to help people discover and re-discover a love for Brighton Marina, to create a neighbourhood, because creating a sense of community is key to building complete advocacy to the place.

Brighton Marina Brand School Day
Brighton Marina Campaign
Brighton Marina Brand Positioning
Brighton Marina Identity
Brighton Marina Colour Palette

The Proposition:

Some drive here down the winding cliffside. Some walk down the beach. Some moor their boats in Britain’s largest marina and jump up on to our busy boardwalks. All come looking for something different. But all love our unique blend of sea air, street life and surprises around every corner.

This is a place where you’ll find firm food favourites, risings food stars and a vibrant seasonal calendar. Luxury hotels sit next to independent shops and movie-going families rub shoulders with yacht lovers. It’s a place where there’s always something happening and there’s something for everyone.

Bustling with life. Bursting with energy. Brimming with possibilities.

Welcome to Brighton Marina.

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Brighton Marina Iconography Brighton Marina Iconography
Brighton Marina Branding Brighton Marina Branding
Brighton Marina Brand Identity Brighton Marina Brand Identity

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