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The Challenge

To create an advertising campaign to follow in the footsteps of the hugely successful 'Making the Walls of Britain Great' campaign, which saw iconic landmarks and objects wrapped in pattern. With the significant financial investment needed for advertising, a new campaign can strike fear into the heart of even the most intrepid marketer. We needed to create a campaign which was fresh and exciting, with a nod to its predecessor and which G&B could confidently get behind, both creatively and financially.

The Approach

Evolving the previous platform, we created a strong brand statement which encapsulates what Graham & Brown stand for and believe in - they are quite simply 'Made of Design'. The concept literally had legs (and wheels) in the form of Boris, the pattern savvy whippet, and Doris, a fully shrink wrapped vintage Morris Minor boldly covered in G&B's wallpaper of the year, 'Northern Rose'. Launched at the Superbrands exhibition in London, which saw Doris doing a road trip around our great capital, with G&B's big design collaborators, such as Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki, taking a spin. Other pieces we created included the most sought after carrier bag at the show, and a beautifully printed notebook, complete with foiling and a poster wrap round - designer heaven!

Graham & Brown - Borris
Graham & Brown - design notebook

The Results

Our Made of Design campaign, the success of the Superbrands exhibition, and Doris and Boris's social activities, have cemented their status of 'Cool Brand' for the 4th year running... a truly fantastic achievement.

Graham & Brown - Dorris car Graham & Brown - Northen rose print Graham & Brown - Advertising
Graham & Brown - Cricket Ground
Graham & Brown - Made of design bag

"You know when a concept works because execution is easy and it triggers other ideas that you hadn't even thought of. Made of Design does just that. From first meeting Boris the whippet we made the decision to buy Doris Minor, and the ideas took on a life of their own. Whether that be an 88sq.m roll of wallpaper, a stylish notebook or a whippet on the front cover of whatwallswant.

Made of Design reflects our whole business as well as our brand, it defines our code and opens up a whole host of opportunity."

Alan Kemp, Head of Brand Marketing



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