Law, fair and square

The Challenge

In recent years Law firms have seen turbulent times as they face a variety of pressures, such as restrictions in the renewal of professional indemnity insurance, the emergence of the so-called Tesco law (which allows non-lawyers to invest in law firms) and the collapse of giants such as Cobbetts, saw a flurry of merger, consolidation and closure activity of firms unable to survive the new market conditions alone. It was at this point when Last Cawthra Feather wanted to secure their business for the future. With 25 years under their belt and the reputation and expertise that comes from such longevity, they felt redefining their brand message for today and future generations was crucial in future proofing their business.

LCF Law - What we do

The Approach

Maximising and investing in brand during times of uncertainty within a market can be a very rewarding investment for a business. Providing it's not knee jerk and the insight indicates it's beneficial, brand can play a crucial role in your survival. Last Cawtha Feather were in no ways under direct threat, but they were wise to recognise that the market being so volatile, suggested that protecting their assets now would pay dividends in the long run. Now called LCF Law, the brandmark feels fresh, clean and clear, and the Law, Fair + Square positioning creates a point of difference, acting as a rallying call to the market for law to be accessible, uncomplicated and honest - a truly customer-centric modern proposition.

LCF Law - Lifes rarely fair LCF Law - Digital application LCF Law - Website application
LCF Law - Law of the jungle

The Results

Ajaz Ahmed, CEO of Legal 365 - Part of the LCF Law Group.

"We decided to change our name to LCF LAW, and turned to 10 Associates to look at designing our new logo and brand messaging. Colleagues, customers, and even competitors, have very positively received the new brand. I can't stress enough the importance of getting the brand and the collateral around the brand right. We've received lots of positive messages about the new brand via email, twitter, and in the press."


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