Branding a better
financial future.

The Challenge

August 2016 saw the integration of Skipton Building Society and Skipton Financial Services. Financial services, probably the most heavily regulated sector in the UK, has seen some dramatic changes over the past decade, and at a time when many financial services are staying safe, this strategic move from SBS strengthens their overall position in the market, whilst offering a better service to their customers. As a result of the integration, Skipton's financial advisory service is now known as Skipton Financial Advisers. The key challenge for us was to re-work their award winning MII proposition into the new brand platform, whilst retaining the personality and appeal of the original creative we introduced several years ago, increasing the use of personalisation and maximising the data available.

Skipton Financial Advisers - Advisers Skipton Financial Advisers - Photography
Skipton Financial Advisers - Internal brand

The Approach

Based on our knowledge of their customers and their objectives, we needed to create a unified look and feel – aligning SBS and SFA by building a clear, aspirational and trustworthy brand visual world. We created multiple printed pieces – the hero piece, and one that has proved exceptionally successful for them, is the testimonial brochure. Showcasing customer stories from around the UK, it validates the customer's choice of trusting SFA with their finances – and really underpins the personal expertise you get from them as a brand. Personalisation has changed the way we market services to audiences and we, alongside the specialist printers, have created a sophisticated and evolving brand platform that allows for tailored financial messaging – whether that is a multi-page investment piece, fund switch letter, or a direct mail campaign.

Skipton Financial Advisers - Brandschool Skipton Financial Advisers - Brand Photography


of our customers would recommend our services to their friends and family.

Skipton Financial Advisers - Brand Photography
Skipton Financial Advisers - Internal brand

The Result

Rebrand aligns and strengthens company culture, and supports long term business aspirations.

Skipton Financial Advisers - Time to Thrive Skipton Financial Advisers - Photography Skipton Financial Advisers - Reporting Skipton Financial Advisers - Invite Skipton Financial Advisers - Invite

"We've really wanted to showcase our customer stories for some time, and asked 10 Associates to use their expertise to put this into a format that would resonate with future prospective customers. As we've come to expect from working with 10, they have used their talents to design a professional brochure that continues to receive positive feedback from across the business, as well as from customers who can relate to the experiences contained in it."

Iain Tyrer, Marketing Director, Skipton Financial Services

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