Find your voice with Redvoice

Actress and joint founder of Redvoice Victoria Pritchard, with business partner and co founder Helen West, approached us to help them with their brand positioning for this new joint venture. They had a clear vision for their business, and a distinctively different offering and needed their new identity to reflect this.

We wanted to communicate that Redvoice was about being yourself confidently. The strong clean modern lines of the brandmark are contemporary (a new way of thinking) yet timeless (built on years of experience). The o is the mouth of Redvoice, it’s the confident voice of authority and it’s the heart of the business, it is also a flexible component of the brandmark – the personality, as it can change according to the communication piece.

The core objective with this brand creation was to define and present the company’s point of difference in the sector, the end result is a company which stands out brightly against it’s competitors.

“10 Associates are nothing short of brilliant! Not only are they highly creative, amazingly intuitive and utterly professional in their approach, but they are, without a doubt, the nicest group of individuals you will ever work with. If you haven’t already discovered them, do it now… it will be an absolute joy from start to finish!”
Victoria Pritchard, Redvoice

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Redvoice identity created by 10 Associates

Redvoice brand creation by 10 Associates

Redvoice website designed by 10 Associates